Sam Nix is an Alternative Acoustic songwriter based in the North West.   

Picking up the guitar at a young age, Sam has built upon his artistry year after year, becoming a multi-instrumentalist. His style is influenced by a range of artists, including Chris Stapleton, Jade Bird, Victoria Canal and Bob Seger. However, he carves his own niche with underlying acoustic tones, dry yet sweet vocals and romantic pensive lyrics which bring a fresh original sound to the music scene. His songwriting is deeply connected with his love for stories, cinema, and the enigma of emotions.  An avid fan of all things arts Sam is also a writer and sometimes poet, finding life in unusual and descriptive phrasing.

In the last 6 years Sam has had airplay across a number of radio stations, including BBC Introducing and performed live in multiple venues from Newcastle to Manchester. These have culminated in the opportunities to support famous cult songwriter John Otway and successful rock band Eddie and the Hotrods. 

In 2022 he released his debut EP 'From the Stars Above' which was produced by Chris 'Whiz' West (Richard Ashcroft, Status Quo, When Rivers Meet). This was followed in October with the single ‘A Girl I Met on The Tube Last Week’, the second collaboration with West which drew attention for its blissfully descriptive lyrics and production.