What’s In My Ears #1

We’re a good chunk into the year and the taste of spring is finally in the air. I thought it’s about time to touch in with what I have been listening to with a quick rebrand of the ‘I recommend…’ series. I have been discovering more diverse music than ever this year and by May, will already have beaten my 2023 gig attendance record. I’m sure you’ve seen glimpses of that on my Instagram but I thought it best to do a proper write up of the very best tracks in my music mixes so far this year.  

Greta Lovisa – 

As with a lot of my favourite discoveries, this pick was fed to me by the mythical “algorithm”. I know many people have complaints about algorithms and they certainly create problems for musicians, but it does mean I get to discover absolutely gems such as Greta Lovisa. Scrolling through reels I came across a Jazzy acoustic pop fusion that immediately caught my ear with unusual intonation and plucky lyrics. I quickly became enthralled with many of her songs such as Doing Alright (Clean Skin) and A Toast To Letting Go. She also does a pretty brilliant cover of ABBA’s Slipping Through My Fingers which is no mean feat. If you follow her socials you’ll have been teased what might be her best song yet So So Sweet a candid anthem about being happy in yourself. There is something appealing about her style in a pop heavy world that is different and refreshing enough to truly liven up your playlist. So So Sweet is the perfect example of that. The track dropped on Friday 22nd of March and after listening through it’s entirety, it will definitely be falling into a few of my playlists.

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Myles Smith – 

From Jazz to Country inspired records my next pick has been doing exceedingly well recently in the UK; Myles Smith. Occasionally you just hear a vocal that soothes your ear and Smith has that one in a hundred timbre. Soft and tender, his natural range smoothly compliments each phrase he sings. Three standouts that will be featured on his upcoming You Promised A Lifetime EP are Betting On Us, My Home and Solo, which has spread through TikTok like a wildfire.  Each give a different flavour of what Smith is capable of from the gentle melodic ear worm of Solo to the hopeful romantic indie inflections of Betting On Us or the more traditional folk chord structures and rhythms of My Home. A harmonious set of tracks that remain understated just enough to wet your appetite for a future release that could blow you away. Myles Smith is a name to watch in the coming years.

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Amelia Day -

Normally in past for the ‘I recommend…’ series i put forward a recent release of an artist, however for Amelia Day I simply usher you to listen through her entire back catalogue. After discovering her last year I have found there is some much to appreciate and gain in her music. While primarily a folk rock singer, Day has branched out into Jazz and Indie stylings, offering a slice of pie for everyone. If I were to pick two great examples of her musicianship it would be her Tiny Desk Concert of Therapist’s Wet Dream and the sleek music video for Skippin’ Down The Sidewalk. You’ll quickly see her audible pastel explosion of colour is irrefutably feel good. The live stripped back Tiny Desk Concert takes the fist pumping energy of Therapist’s Wet Dream and brings it into an equally heart stirring yet more intimate setting, allowing the viewer to really feel the song and it’s lyrics. The video for Skippin’ Down The Sidewalk, in contrast, is pure entertainment whisking you away with it’s funky guitars and sliding vocals and hooking you in with a visual dance performance you’ll wish you were in. Mixing toe tapping melodies with impressive vocal gymnastics (at times traversing a soft chest voice right up to falsetto) and a lyrical enthusiasm it’s hard not to find enjoyment in her music. 

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Maggie Rogers -

Finally a musician that should of been on my radar long before now; Maggie Rogers. Having only come into contact with her through recent gig listings, I knew from reading her bio she would be an artist I would love upon listening. Rising to prominence while studying at New York University through a video where her song Alaska was hailed by artist in residence Pharrell, since then Rogers has gone from songwriting strength to songwriting strength evident in her latest single Don’t Forget Me. A vocally raw, absolute powerhouse of a song, taking cues from classic Americana artists like Brandi Carlisle. If you’re a fan of the genre it immediately catches your ear and will have you enthralled through it’s stepping bass driven interludes and piano flutters. The song is simplicity at its best, proving that paired down instrumentation and chord progressions can highlight how exceptional the lyrics and melodic emotion of the song can be. It’s a perfect teaser to get new audiences into her music, which it has certainly done for me and I eagerly await the full album…

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Add To Playlist: Beth McCarthy, Noah Floersch, Jade Bird

A new feature I’m adding is a ‘Add To Playlist’ section where I choose a couple tracks that have particularly caught my attention recently that deserve to be added to your own playlist. 


First is Beth McCarthy’s IDK How To Talk To Girls. A queer anthem from the songstress who is about to embark on a uk tour. With it’s screamable hook, sincere lyrics and a beat that has an undeniable dance-ability to it, IDK How To Talk To Girls is going to be a clear festival favourite. Give it a listen and it’ll change your mood any time of day. 

Secondly is Noah Floersch with Clean. I mentioned Noah Floersch’s Ghost Of Chicago being a contender for song of 2023 and yet again he has struck gold with this quietly seductive tune. Choosing interesting comparisons in his lyrics to annotate his feelings, this song is a real sleeper hit and worthy of some late night playlists. 

Finally Jade Bird is back out with new music and doing something completely different. One thing I can commend in musicians is trying a different genre or tact to test their creativity and boundaries. Bird is doing just that with ease, side stepping into more electronically focused instrumentation while carrying over her unforgettable voice. Two songs out at the moment example this new approach and the one I’d like to highlight is You’ve Fallen In Love Again. It has a hazy psychedelic element emphasised by the falsetto chorus and syncopated beats grooving along it’s melody. It’s certainly different from the Bird we have heard before but it is an exciting new chapter of her discography that I hope develops along just as well as previous entries have. 


If you liked the new feature or any of the artists mentioned let me know and of course go support the musicians. I’ve linked each of their work and will be creating a playlist for each new ‘What’s In My Ears’ post. If you have any new music suggestions yourself I’d love to hear them so send me a message on Instagram or samnixmusic@gmail.com.